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The Beef...

Glaswegians are spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to eat & Alston's aims to raise the bar for meat lovers even further by serving the best steak the city has to offer. choose from a selection of 35 day dry-aged steaks, including the Chateaubriand to share or Glasgow's favourite, the fillet.

Our beef is supplied by J. Gilmour & Co Ltd, an independent family run business established in 1946 specialising in the supply of high quality meats and more specifically “Tweed Valley” dry hung beef for 35 days from the Scottish Borders.

John Gilmour, Managing Director, believes in the importance of a healthy livestock market and to really buy the best, so it’s essential to see the cattle before they reach the abattoir. Which is why, every Monday, he attends the St Boswells livestock market in the Borders.

Once selected, the cattle are sent to Paisley abattoir where they are dry hung and matured for 14 days. They are then taken to the Gilmour factory at Macmerry and given at least another 16 days maturity before they are ready to sell. This is historically the traditional butchers system of working for over 200 years that will probably never be improved on.

Their “Tweed Valley Beef” is aged for 30 days so it can achieve the tenderness that is needed for the beef to reach perfection, however J. Gilmour also dry hang their beef. Using chilled dehumidified air, they can take the moisture out which allows the beef to mature for much longer.

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